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Winter 2012

Summer 2011

Past Articles:


Yet More Towards a Theory of Martial Arts as Performing Art
Deborah Klens-Bigman

Prelude to Translation, or Translation Prior to the Acquisition of Foreign Language Skills, Using Gorin no Sho as an Example
Raymond Sosnowski

A Critical Assessment of Deborah Klens-Bigman’s Performance Theory of Martial Arts
LeRon James Harrison

Turkish Oil Wrestling in Algiers
Joe Svinth

Tsutao “Rubberman” Higami
Joe Svinth


The Mediauric Rise of Shaolin: A Theory-Based Critique of KungfuQigong Magazine's Shaolin Articles

On the Defeat of Tokugoro Ito in North America

Tokugoro Ito

Neo-Confucianism and the Japanese Martial Arts (02/06)

Martial Podcasts and Vidcasts (02/06)

African Martial Arts (01/06)


Judo Battles Wrestling: Masato Tamura and Karl Pojello, Chicago 1943 (12/05)

Professional Wrestling: Karl Pojello (12/05)

Dambe: Traditional Nigerian Boxing: (09/05)

The Way of Artistry and Grace (pdf 05/05)

Judo Art Held Key to Jap Strategy: Experts Say Way to Win War Is to Know Jiu Jitsu (04/05)

Samurai Culture is Congenial Toward Iranian Mysticism (03/05)

Death in the Wrestling Ring: The Strange Case of Osborne Taylor (01/05)

Sorakichi Matsuda in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 1884: update to Japanese Professional Wrestling Pioneer: Sorakichi Matsuda (01/05)

Canada Captures Gold at Taiwan Tournament (01/05)


African Roots in the Martial Arts: An Interview with Kilindi Iyi (11/04)

Review: Cosplay Girls: Japan’s Live Animation Heroines (09/04)

Wrestling or Pankration? Calling the Action in Hellenic Pottery Painting (09/04)


Uh Knock 'Em Ef Uh Dead! A Reference to African American Fighting Methods in Gullah Literature (12/03)

New book: Martial Arts in the Modern World (12/03)

Death Stalks the Wrestling Mat: Hewitt (08/03)

Continuing Hapkido Training in Korea: Bielke (07/03)

For the Interest and Encouragement of Lady Readers: Sutherland (06/03)

Bruce Lee, Bruno, and Me: Ginzburg (05/03)

Mrs. Molloy’s Wee Boys: Embroidery in Cumberland & Westmorland Wrestling: Baxter (04/03)

Secret Traditions of the Ancient Japanese Martial Arts: Chśnen Butori Ryś Hiketsu o Tsutaeru (03/03)

Training the Helpless Flapper to Fight Her Own Battles (02/02)

Sabar Accompaniment to the Wrestling Matches and Lion Dances of Senegal: Jensen (01/01)

Beginning Hapkido in Korea: Bielke (12/02)

Mental Combat: How to Fight for the Love of Freedom: Armstrong (11/02)

Higher Education and the Martial Arts: Svinth (11/02)

Street Politics: A Sista’s Point Of View: Sharif (10/02)

Zulu Stick Fighting: A Socio-Historical Overview: Coetzee (09/02)

‘The Lion of the Punjab’ – Part IV: The Aftermath: Noble (08/02)

‘The Lion of the Punjab’ – Part III: London, 1910: Noble (07/02)

Physical Chess: Thoughts on Chess and Martial Arts: Kondek (07/02)

‘The Lion of the Punjab’ – Part II: Stanislaus Zbyszko: Noble (06/02)

‘The Lion of the Punjab’ – Gama in England, 1910: Noble (05/02)

Combat Poseur: How to Spot a Virtual Tough Guy: Elmore (04/02)

Bodily Awareness in the Wing Chun System: McFarlane (03/02)

Chinese Boxing Classics in Translation: Problems and Perils (02/02)

Karl Friday on Training (02/02)

The Seven Stars, Weapons of a Martial Artist: Sena (0102)

Ranggeln, the Austrian wrestling Baxter (0102)

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Western Theories about the Origins of Sport in Ancient China

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