InYo: The Journal of Alternative Perspectives on the Martial Arts and Sciences

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Editor: Joseph Svinth


SAMURAI ON WALL STREET: Miyamoto Musashi and the Search for Success: Hurst (01/01)

An Alternative Use of Martial Arts, should we train this way? Thanks to Mike DeMarco for alerting us to this situation! (mpg download, 1.4mb) (01/01)

The Evolution of Women's Judo, 1900-1945: Svinth (02/01)

Melissa Kindratsky, Canadian Collegiate Wrestler: Taylor (02/01)

Chi, the "X" Factor: Kennedy (02/01)

Bushidó or Bull? A Medieval Historian’s Perspective on the Imperial Army and the Japanese Warrior Tradition: Friday (03/01)

Choosing a Martial Art: The Parable of the Bus: Taylor (03/01)

Harold Sakata: Olympic Weightlifter and Professional Wrestler (04/01)

Death, Honor, and Loyalty: The Bushidó Ideal: Hurst (05/01)

A Master of the Situation: Yasuji Fujita (Iota Shima): Svinth (06/01)

Removing the Intention: Tai Ji Master Huang Shengxian: Cotgreave (08/01)

Wrestling 101: Ginzburg (09/01)

Women’s Boxing and Related Activities: Introducing Images and Meanings: Hargreaves (09/01)

Something So Heavy That Even God Cannot Move It: Good (09/01)

An Introductory History of Xing-yi Training Manuals: Kennedy (10/01)

Women’s Boxing Champion Kim Messer: Svinth (11/01)

Judo Players as a Gnostic Sect: Goodger (12/01)


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