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Going to the Ground: Lessons from Law Enforcement


Examples of Ju Jitsu or Japanese Wrestling. For Schoolboys.  Capt. A. Hutton. (PDF)

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Offsite article: Controlling Subjects: Realistic Training vs. Magic Bullets

Judo in the Strategic Air Command: Overstreet (08/04)


For Further Reading 2003 (11/03)

Treading Water: Brennan (07/03)

Some Background on Captain Allan Corstorphin Smith, Author of Secrets of Jujitsu: A Complete Course in Self Defense (1920): Bowen (06/03)

Personal Defense: Non-violent Postures: Blauer (05/03)

U.S. Marine Corps Individual Combat Course, July 1944 (05/03)

Self-defense Concepts, Mottern (03/03)

Noxious Tear-Gas Bomb Mightier in Peace than in War: Edwardson (01/03)


The Science of JiuJitsu: Japan Times (12/02)

Fairbairn in the Comics (09/02)

Teaching Allies’ Man-Power How to Use "the White Arm": Soldes (06/02)

Judo and Unarmed Combat: Livingstone-Learmonth (03/02)

Marines, Army Lead in Close-Quarters Combat Training: Gilmore (01/02)

In Other Words: Good articles on other sites.

Fight. Learn. L*E*A*D (05/02)

From Playing Field to Battleground: The United States Navy V-5 Preflight Program in World War II: Rominger (01/02) (Direct link to pdf document not hosted on EJMAS, 13 pages).


Original Articles:

Anthony J. Drexel Biddle, USMC CQB Pioneer: Svinth (12/01)

An Introduction to Police Defensive Tactics: Lau (11/01)

The Hollywood Roots of the First Earth Battalion: Chevalier (09/01)

"Let There be Light": Low-light Tools, Tactics, and Training: Good (05/01)

The Fairchild Air Force Base Judo Club, 1951-1960 (02/01)

Reprinted Articles:

Boxing for Beginners, with Chapter showing its Relationship to Bayonet Fighting: Jacomb (08/01)

Air Police Control and Restraint Techniques (07/01)

Combative Measures Instructor Training (Judo): Air Police Techniques (06/01)

Ministering to Marines: Takesian (03/01)

Otherwise: good articles on other sites:

New Army Combatives Manual (added 02/02)

FM 21-20 War Department Field Manual, Physical Training

FM 21-20 Chapter 1, Introduction
FM 21-20 Chapter 13, Combative Contests

The Secrets of Jujitsu, A Complete Course in Self Defense

Military Hand to Hand manual, by Captain Allan Corstorphin Smith

Book I:  (07/00)
Book II:  (08/00)
Book III: (09/00)
Book IV: (10/00)
Book V: (12/00)
Book VI: (02/01)
Book VII: (04/01)

FM 21-150, Unarmed Defense for the American Soldier, 
June 30, 1942

Military Hand to Hand manual

FM 21-150 Section I, General
FM 21-150 Section II, Basic Principles.
FM 21-150 Section III, Wrist Escapes.
FM 21-150 Section IV, Escapes from Body Holds.
FM 21-150 Section V, Defenses against Choke Holds
FM 21-150 Section VI, Defenses against Kicks
FM 21-150 Section IX, Defenses against Blows with Club, and Techniques of Club

Tactical Decision Games: Hawkins


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