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Just what is it?

This site, as you know by now, is free. We hope you like it that way, and we have no plans for changing it at the moment, but we do have a need to pay for the expenses incurred in running it. We try to do this in several ways, by ad revenue, by sponsorship of articles, and by selling merchandise. None of these are making us rich I'm afraid. Our advertisers do pay us, people have sponsored an article or two, and we have sold the occasional book but we are still not making enough to make ends meet.

It is a point of discussion amongst electronic publishers as to how we are to make a buck off of our readers. Most people see no problem with paying a subscription fee for a print magazine, but there is great reluctance to pay for an electronic version of the same. This, I think, has something to do with the impression that the web is cost free.

It is not. The editors and writers, and the publisher of EJMAS all spend considerable time researching, writing, typesetting and printing the various journals on this site. In fact, all the processes of a print magazine are done, with the exception of printing and mailing. Instead we buy space on a server which is considerably less costly, but still an expense.

Here's where you come in, if you like EJMAS and you want to support our efforts but you don't feel the urge to sponsor an article, how about dropping something in the tip jar? Think about what you would pay for a year's subscription, or what you would pay for an issue of your favourite magazine. Click on the paypal link below and slip that to us. (Please make your contribution more than $2 since that's about what the processing is going to cost us).

If everyone dropped us $3 (the price of a beer) each time they visited to read a couple of articles we'd be well into the black. (In fact, the editors would be quitting their other jobs and doing this full time... that's how many readers we have!)

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Or you can send your "tip subscription" check, money order, western union payment... by mail to:

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Thanks for your support! With your help we'll continue to bring you the best martial arts journals on the net. What are we talking about?

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