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A Report on the 8th European Iaido Championships: Arefiev (12/01)

Guelph School of Japanese Sword Arts 2001 (11/01)

Meiji Jingu Hounou Enbukai 2001: Lee (11/01)

The teacher is the needle: Explaining my choices in the Aiki Batto: Stenudd (10/01)

The Iaido Interviews: Kanto Boys in Queensland: Gilham (10/01)

A Glossary of Terms in Japanese Swordsmanship (10/01)

The Iaido Interviews: Nittai Instructors: Gilham (09/01)

Rank, Stinkin' Rank: Boylan (09/01)

The Iaido Interviews: Peter Swarczbord: Gilham (08/01)

A sword for the aikidoka: Choices made in constructing the Aiki Batto: Stenudd (08/01)

The Iaido Interviews: Sherman Lee: Gilham (07/01)

Kendo-World Magazine, a new English Language publication: Robison (07/01)

Miura Hidefusa and the Jikishinkai: Taylor (07/01)

The Iaido Interviews: Dean Hawthorne: Gilham (06/01)

Developing firm basics: Why the Aiki Batto sword exercises were created: Stefan Stenudd (06/01)

Urasenke: John Seavitt (06/01)

Miyamoto Musashi's "Self-Precepts" and "Nine Articles": John Stevens (06/01)

Illustration of R. Otake by Dan DeaverThe Iaido Interviews: David Kolb: Gilham (05/01)

Judges, groveling and getting home: Gilham (05/01)

Swordsmanship at its Pretty Good: Castellani (04/01)

Tameshigiri Fundamentals: Taylor (04/01)

Interview with John Isaacs, Australia: Gilham (04/01)

Spiritual Practice in Budo: Boylan (02/01)

500 waza: New Year's Practice at Guelph: Taylor (01/01) 

Illustration of R. Otake by Dan Deaver ( 2001 All rights Reserved


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