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Guelph School of Japanese Sword Arts 2001

photos by Kuniko Kinoshita

Here are some photos of this summer's GSJSA demonstration. This event has been held for several years now in the third weekend of July and is a showcase for Japanese sword, stick and spear arts. More photos of the event can be found on the Kendo-Canada website. Information on the GSJSA can be found on the Sei Do Kai website.

Participants are all named left to right in the photos below.
gsjsa iaido
Chris Gilham, Windsor and Mike Castellani, Burlington: Muso Shinden ryu and Muso Jikiden Eishin ryu Iaido. 

GSJSA niten ichi ryu
Kim Taylor, Guelph and Mike Castellani: Niten Ichi-ryu
GSJSA kashima shinryu
Peter Boylan, Detroit and Karl Friday, Atlanta: Kashima Shinryu

GSJSA iaido
Eric Tribe, Thunder Bay: Muso Jikiden Eishin ryu Iaido
GSJSA jigen ryu
Peter Boylan and Deborah Klens-Bigman, New York City: Jigen ryu

GSJSA jigen ryu
Peter Boylan and Deborah Klens-Bigman: Jigen ryu
GSJSA tamiya ryu
Michael Alexanian, East Lansing: Tamiya ryu

GSJSA iaido
Louise Callier, Montreal, Kim Taylor, and Christine Gottardo, Thunder Bay: ZNKR iai
GSJSA tessen
Emily Dolan, Indianapolis, and Chuck Gordon, Indianapolis: Tessen jutsu

GSJSA jodo
Eric Tribe and Peter Boylan: ZNKR jodo
GSJSA jodo
Eric Tribe and Peter Boylan: ZNKR jodo
The demonstration was filmed and video is available from SDKsupplies The object of the GSJSA is to share knowledge on the Japanese sword arts (and other traditions) through lectures, practice and demonstration. In past years we have included kyudo and naginata, and this year we also featured a session with AEMMA concerning the European two-hander.

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