Physical Training
Writer's Guide

We are looking for well researched articles in the areas of:
martial arts; profiles, technical analyses, historical analyses, and other items of topical interest.

fitness; exercise physiology as it relates to flexibility, strength, speed, balance, agility and endurance.

health; cardiovascular and  psychological fitness, and specific health topics as they relate to martial artists or fitness students in general.

nutrition; as it relates to fitness and athletic performance.

academic articles; we offer a large range of topics related to sport science: sociology; psychology; sports medicine and biochemistry; bio-mechanics: analysis of human performance; coaching and coach education; sports education; drugs and doping; exercise physiology-human physiology; organization, management and economics.

As you can see, the scope of the magazine is broad, as reflects the interests of our readers. Articles should ideally be 1000-2000 words long with two sidebars of up to 500 words each. Articles should have a very specific, tight focus.

Physical submission of articles should follow the guidelines laid out for all EJMAS journals.

Academic Articles; original papers, review articles, technical notes, new technologies, special articles and letters to the editor.
Generally, articles must be divided into the following sections:

All manuscripts must be submitted in APA (6th edition) format. Please follow APA guidelines for referencing, tables and figures. All manuscripts will undergo review by two independent reviewers. The maximum length should not exceed 15 pages (50 000 characters), including notes and illustrations.

If you have an article or idea you would like to submit for consideration, please send it to

                     Kim Taylor
                     44 Inkerman St
                     Guelph, Ontario
                     Canada, N1H 3C5

or email it to
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Writer's FAQ

Publication Title: Physical Training

ISSN: 1492-1685

Magazine's tagline: Fitness for Combatives

Year publication was established: 2000

Abstracting and Indexing: SPORTDiscus with Full Text DATABASES

Circulation:  The EJMAS website as a whole has 2200 unique visitors a day.

Percentage of freelance content: 80-90

Contact person, and position of contact person: Kim Taylor, Editor

Do you accept electronic queries? Yes

Do you accept electronic submissions? Yes

Do you accept unsolicited manuscripts? Yes

E-mail address:

Mailing address: 44 Inkerman St. Guelph Ontario, Canada N1H 3C5

What topics do you want? Any fitness or training type articles, they do not have to relate directly to the martial arts.

Submission response time: Usually within 3 days

Academic Articles: The peer review process may take up to one month. The process may be longer for authors who are asked to revise their manuscripts before publication.

For reviewers
Please use the following form as the framework of your written report





























Indicates uses for practitioners






No apparent uses



Representative of paper






Poorly reflects paper












Applications apparent






Applications not apparent



Review relevant and appropriate






Irrelevant or lacking



Benefits clear






Benefits unclear



Clear purpose






Unclear purpose



Practitioner friendly






Hard to follow












Appropriate to address purpose















Information missing



Difficult terms defined/explained






Unfriendly to practitioner


















Hard to follow


Discussion & Implications

Justified interpretations






Unjustified interpretations



All relevant















Hard to follow



Implications elaborated






Implications not elaborated



Reflect scientific outcomes






Does not reflect scientific outcomes



Reflects practical implications






Does not reflect practical implications









Not rigorous/Scientific



Should be more in the Appendix rather than body






Should be more in the body rather than appendix


Paper as a whole







Not rigorous/scientific












Practical benefits






No practical benefits


Overall assessment









Rights purchased: No

Do you accept reprints? Yes

Payment: None at this time

Any tips, comments or advice about the publication? As a web publication we are quite flexible about page count, number of illustrations and other format considerations. We believe that the information content comes first. The site is free so we cannot pay for submissions but we can offer publication in a well respected publication targeted at, but not restricted to the martial arts community. All articles published in PT remain available electronically through the archives. One of our mandates at EJMAS is to presevere and make accessible reprints of valuable articles which have gone out of circulation.

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