Electronic Journals of Martial Arts and Sciences

Guidelines for EJMAS articles, and Submissions to the ejournals
Kim Taylor, Publisher, EJMAS


The front page articles of Electronic Journals of Martial Arts and Sciences (EJMAS) are reserved for the editorial staff of the various journals published under the EJMAS. They will be opinion/editorial pieces which deal with the martial arts in general. Articles on specific aspects of the arts, and by other authors, are found in the journals themselves.

You will also find archived articles from each journal in the section for that journal.


Each journal has its own style guidelines, please refer to the specific journal pages. As a general guide to writing you can try one of the online help sites such as http://www.theslot.com/ or http://www.cas.nercrd.psu.edu/Community/Writing/good_thesis.html.

An electronic submission to EJMAS (for example when sending an article to be posted to a specific journal or to the EJMAS articles listing) should be sent in plain ASCII if possible. If the article contains special formatting (eg, italics) then send it in RTF (rich text file) or WordPerfect (wpd) or HTML. For footnotes or other notation please do not use any special commands your word processor may allow, simply place the notes in separate paragraphs [EN1] at the end of the article and insert plain numbers or other notation in the text. Superscript1 and subscript2 do not look good in html (it disrupts the line spacing) so please just place notes in brackets as numbers (FN2) or citations (Smith and Jones, 1932) and we will link them to the endnotes or separate html documents as appropriate.

Endnotes: (click your BACK button to return to the text)

(1) as in 1. paragraph
2. paragraph

(2) a second note.

Smith and Jones, 1932 "journal of summat or 'tother" 43:110-114 "this is the third note"