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Boxing Injury Bibliography

Compiled by Joseph R. Svinth
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There have been at least two deaths in the cognate sport of mixed martial arts (MMA). One was the death of Alfred Castro Herrera in Tijuana, Mexico, in April 1981. Herrera was aged 15. His opponent was Angel Luis Rodriguez, Age 16. The source is St. Louis Globe-Democrat, April 15, 1981. The other death involved Douglas Dedge, an American who died in Kiev, Ukraine, in March 1998. His opponent was Yevgeni Zolotarev. A photo can be viewed at For discussions of the risks in mixed martial arts, see Gregory Bledsoe, et al., “Incidence of injury in professional Mixed Martial Arts competition,” Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (July 2006) 5, pp. 136-142, George J. Buse, “No holds barred sport fighting: A 10 year review of Mixed Martial Arts competition,” British Journal of Sports Medicine (2006) 40, pp. 169-172, and Joshua Landa, “Risks and injuries in contact fighting,” Journal of Combative Sport, August 2004.

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Part 1: Medical Articles

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Part 2: Some Significant Legal Decisions that Followed Ring Deaths

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