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EJMAS is pronounced "edge-mass" around the store because we provide you with the tools to "play on the edge of your mass", to go to that place at the knife-edge of control and balance where you transcend your body and become a martial god.

Of course some people pronounce it E J mass but nobody knows what that means.

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Here are the bookstores next door. Chapters in Canada and Barnes and Noble in the USA will sell you books we don't carry, and give us a nice kickback at the same time.

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EJMAS makes no guarantees, nor do we warrant or endorse any ideas offered for consumption in any books and videos. We guarantee our own merchandise but nobody else's. Please use common sense when attempting any physical activity, see a doctor and a lawyer before attempting anything at all. Should you encounter any problems, such as false or misleading advertising, please notify us immediately via E-mail below. Happy shopping!