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EJMAS Patrons

EJMAS has two kinds of patrons. One provides us with well-written and researched articles; the other contributes money or services. The following are our financial patrons. To find out what it takes to add your name to this list, click here.

Commercial Patrons
Company Name Year(s) contributed
East Coast Martial Art Supply 2000
Joseph R. Svinth, Historical Consultant 2000-2001
Mugendo Budogo, LLC 2000-2001
SDK Supplies 2000-2001


Individual Patrons

Year(s) contributed
Kregg P.J. Jorgenson 2001


To Become an EJMAS Patron

It isn’t hard to become a financial patron of EJMAS, and if you donate enough, we’ll even thrown in some thanks more tangible than words. For example, for:

US $50

You get your name listed here.

US $75

You get your name listed here.
You get a T-shirt

US $100 or more

You get your name listed here.
You get a T-shirt.
You get a small ad in an article of your choice.

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You can contact us at: editor@ejmas.com

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