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Gordon Warner, in Memory

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Dr. Gordon Warner sensei passed away March 4 Okinawa at the age of 97. He is survived by his wife, son and daughter.

Many EJMAS readers will know him by two books:

Japanese Swordsmanship
Japanese swordsmanship: technique and practice
Gordon Warner & Donn F. Draeger
Publisher: New York : Weatherhill, 1982.
ISBN: 0834801469  

This Is Kendo
This Is Kendo: The Art of Japanese Fencing
Junzo Sasamori, Gordon Warner,
Publisher: Charles E. Tuttle Publishers
ISBN: 0804805741   Edition: Hardcover; 1964-06

From Robert Stroud:

A treasured photo of Warner sensei and myself.

the following is from my post on iaido-l listserver in July 1998.
...the most famous one legged swordsman of all Dr. Gordan Warner. At 6' 3 (or more) he is still an imposing man even at 85 years old. When I last spoke with Warner Sensei I called him at his home in Okinawa (where he teaches kendo/iaido) and I asked him about the rumors circulating thru cyber space that he had died. He said "What a bunch of nonsense, that's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard", and then quickly added, "so what can I do for you". He is a real treasure.

Warner sensei practiced with Mochida sensei 10 dan, at the Mitsubishi Dojo before AND after WWII. In fact he lost his leg fighting at the Battle of Bougainville. If you look in his book "This is Kendo" you can see his artificial foot in some of the pictures of him doing keiko.

At a kendo taikai at Michigan State University a couple years ago I got to hear him give the opening kendo taikai address. He is very powerful and very driven. If you were to ask him about practicing with one leg I am sure he would say something like ' no real secret, just go to the dojo and train hard. And when it seems impossible train harder '. He told me that if I wanted to do what he had (in kendo) all I had to do was go to the dojo everyday, and survive whatever happens.

Here is a 39Mb mpg audio (28 minutes) file of an interview with him for a radio show Warner_My_Kendo_Life.mp3

Good luck and remember to train hard. Robert "big time Gordan Warner fan" Stroud

Here is an blog post on Gordon Warner:

An article from Black Belt magazine, Jan 1962.

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