The Iaido Journal  Sept 2010
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The 2010 Calgary Seminar

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Just a few quick words and some photos from the 2010 Calgary seminar. This is one of the secrets of the circuit, in that there are very few people in attendance, and a lot of work gets done through very personal interaction. For several years Colin Watkin and myself have been teaching Niten Ichiryu (Colin), Jodo, Iaido (me) and as of this year, Kage Ryu (Colin).

Calgary seminar 2010

How Intimate? Well here are those in attendance  for one of the classes. That's me standing on the left, Chris Gilham the host club instructor, Alex Cook who is a Calgary local but has been attending school and flew back from New Brunswick, and then Colin Watkin sensei in the middle back. Also in attendance were folks from Southern BC, Edmonton and New York State. The handsome fellow seated centre front spent a month in the Phillipines with Watkin sensei practicing Niten and Kage two or three times a day.

It truly is a lovely seminar with all sorts of experienced folks coming together to swing swords. Several Japanese sword arts and the old Western traditions are represented by this scruffy bunch.

Colin Watkin, Kage ryu

Here is Colin with his 3.7 shaku bokuto, teaching Kage ryu. We went through a large number of the core, basic techniques of the school. The stuff that doesn't get demonstrated in public since the ryu policy is to demonstrate only variations at embu. For those who think they have trouble drawing their iaito, take a look at those saya bokuto and stop complaining. Kage ryu is a drawing art, and we did in fact get those monsters out of the scabbards.

Kage ryu

Here is our horse kata, we are trying not to cut the horse's head while drawing and cutting down someone on both sides of the horse. Then you have to put the sword back into the scabbard. Not an easy task.

I'd like to thank Chris Gilham and his crew in Calgary for organizing this seminar and hosting it annually, and for anyone who is interested in the Japanese koryu, I'd recommend getting yourself to the next one.

Kim Taylor has been attending and hosting martial art seminars since 1980.

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