The Iaido Journal  Oct 2009
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Toronto Fall Jodo Seminar

2009 Fall Jodo seminar participants

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This was the third fall jodo seminar presented by Aikido Yoshinkai Canada at Ryerson University in Toronto. Instructing this year were Mitsuo Shiiya Sensei, Jodo Hanshi 8th dan, Iaido Kyoshi 7th dan and Hiroshi Arai Sensei, Jodo Kyoshi 8th dan, Iaido Kyoshi 7th dan, both from Tokyo.

Mitsuo Shiiya sensei
Mitsuo Shiiya sensei checks out the footwork

Instruction was excellent as usual, with a full weekend of instruction for us to digest over the next few months. The Friday evening class concentrated on kihon sotai, the paired basic practice and was followed by an informal get-together at a local chinese restaurant for refreshments. While there we were joined by the regular AYC iaido class which allowed for more happy reunions between students and sensei. (see Hamster Clan back to Japan 2009 - Training Day 2)

Saturday saw the finish of the kihon sotai and a review of Zen Ken Ren jodo before splitting into two groups. One group continued on with ZKR jodo while the other moved on to the Shindo Muso ryu Omote set.

Fall 2009 Jodo practice
Rai Uchi

The Saturday evening get-together was at a Korean restaurant, an all you can eat, meat BBQ is just what is needed after a long day of practice, all washed down with lots of ale. Rolling back to the car for the drive home to Guelph was a special treat.

On Sunday the class further split into a ZKR jodo group, an Omote group and a few folks who worked on the Chudan level. At the end of the day all the students demonstrated what they had been practicing for the sensei who then returned the favour with an very nice demonstration of  Ikkaku-ryu juttejutsu. At the end of practice the sensei quickly packed up and headed for the cottage where they could do some fishing.

Hiroshi Arai sensei
Hiroshi Arai sensei keeps an eye on things

I'm sure all who attended will have plenty to work on, I know I do. Most special thanks are due to Takeshi Kimeda sensei and his students for hosting the event. 

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