The Iaido Journal  Feb 2009
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Vancouver CKF Iaido Seminar and Grading

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Iaido sensei Goyo Ohmi, Stephen Cruise and Kim Taylor (all 7dan iai) joined Mitsuru Asaoka (7dan iai) for a seminar and grading in Vancouver January 31 and Feb 1. The event was held at the Japanese Hall, a heritage building that was built in Japantown in 1928.

Twenty students of the sword went through the Zen Ken Ren Iai kata on Saturday morning, touching on important points, before breaking for a bento lunch. In the afternoon the seminar broke into groups based on rank and those who were grading received special attention from the sensei who rotated through the room, teaching to the various skill levels.

The grading was held at the end of the afternoon practice and Suguru Asaoka received 4dan while Motoki Asaoka and Natan Cheifetz both received 5dan. The day ended with a demonstration by the sensei.

Vancouver iaido seminar 2009
Front row seated: Kim Taylor (SDK Guelph Ont), Goyo Ohmi (JCCC Toronto Ont), Mitsuru Asaoka (Youshinkan BC) and Stephen Cruise (Etobicoke Ont).
Instructors standing: 9th from left, Bruce Campbell  (Matsu-Kai BC), 10th from left Hirokazu Okusa (SFU BC) and 6th from right Natan Cheifetz (Ken Wa Kai BC)

The next morning was split into more Zen Ken Ren Iaido and an introductory workshop in Zen Ken Ren Jodo. In the afternoon Ohmi sensei led the class in a special practice of Zen Ken Ren Iai followed by a free practice and finally a demonstration by the students for the sensei.

The visiting sensei from the East would like to thank all the students and instructors from Vancouver for their wonderful welcome and hospitality. It was a pleasure to share the practice floor with all.

Ontario Sensei in Vancouver
The Ontario sensei admiring the sun rising over the mountains and the break from -20 degree weather.

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