The Iaido Journal  Oct 2007
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2007 Fredericton Iaido Seminar

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The 2007 Annual Fredericton Iaido Seminar was held Aug 24-26 in the lovely capital of New Brunswick. This seminar is presented each year by Bill Anderson, sensei of Higashikaze dojo and this year featured Dave Green, and Kim Taylor instructing, plus special assistance from Jeff Broderick who was back from Japan for the summer and dropped in to help on Saturday.

The main topic under discussion for the seminar was the role of the hips and their use in getting power from the ground to the blade. We covered Zen Ken Ren Iai, MJER Omori-ryu and a bit of Niten Ichiryu for good measure, but the theme returned again and again to the topic of "hips and tips".

Jeff Broderick says: "I had a terrific time training with everyone in Fredericton.  It was my first time practicing Out East, but as my mother lives in the area, I hope to be able to do it again in the future.  I was really impressed with the enthusiasm and positive attitude of all the participants.  Kudos to Bill Anderson, who has a thriving and active group by the looks of things, for organizing a nice seminar, and also for graciously hosting us for a barbecue party at his home.  My thanks to everyone!  Let's do it again next year."

Special thanks to John Peterson for photos.

Karen Kentridge, sensei for the Halifax Iaido Club, ready to go.
Bill Anderson of Higashikaze in Fredericton, 
Kim Taylor of Sei Do Kai in Guelph and Liam Taylor.
What do you mean you don't like my beard?
Now that's a proper beard.
Dave Green of Tateyama dojo in Ottawa.

Kim Taylor and Jeff Broderick demonstrating something or other.
They look like they forgot what.
Dave and the rest of the folks wait for them to remember.

Working on turns.
Kim and Jeff doing a bit of Jodo while they have the chance.

Done for the morning at least 

Lunch is the second best time of any seminar.

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