The Iaido Journal  Nov 2007
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2007 CKF Open Iaido Championships

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Group shot of CKF open championships
Some of the winners, officials and whoever else was left at the end of the day
at the 2007 CKF open iaido championships in Ottawa, Sept 22.

Ikkyu and below:

First Hanna Ikeda JCCC 

Second Paul Mumbly Tateyama

Third Elizabeth Nicholson Tateyama, Stan Vardomskiy Tateyama

CKF Open iai competitors
Competition time!
CKF open judges
The Judges watching intently


First Michael Suen JCCC

Second Patrick Suen JCCC

Third Kevin Adams JCCC, Philip Benoit JCCC

The audience holds it's breath
The audience is riveted
CKF open iaido competition
The JCCC crowd just can't look away

Sandan and above

First Tracy Sheppard JCCC

Second Ed Chart JCCC

Third Ron Mattie, Etobicoke, Michael Gan, JCCC

CKF open iaido audience
This is serious stuff


First JCCC A   

Second Mix Team (JCCC & Tateyama)

Third JCCC B, Sei Do Kai

CKF open iaido sensei
As the sensei consider the finer points.
CKF open iaido competition, dave and tracy
Dave and Tracy do the paperwork

Special thanks to Tateyama dojo for hosting the event, a great job!

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