The Iaido Journal  Aug 2004
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2004 U. Guelph Hyoho Niten Ichiryu Seminar

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The 2004 Hyoho Niten Ichiryu seminar was 4 days of intense practice for a select group of students from Canada, the USA and Finland. This is the second year that the University of Guelph Sei Do Kai has hosted Iwami sohke and Colin Watkin sensei. Unfortunately Imai sohke couldn't join us this year. Students split into two groups this year with all groups practicing 7 techniques of the itto seiho and the more advanced group going on to study the nito seiho.

More information on the Hyoho Niten Ichiryu is available on Watkin sensei's website at Be sure to check out his underwater photos too. There will be a Hyoho Niten Ichiryu seminar in France from October 14 to 17, 2004. You can get details of this seminar here:

Next year Hyoho Niten Ichiryu will rejoin the May seminar which will be from May 19 to 23. Check later this year for details.

Niten Ichiryu seminar, August, 2004

IMG_9324sm.jpg IMG_9341sm.jpg IMG_9344sm.jpg
IMG_9376sm.jpg IMG_9393sm.jpg IMG_9403sm.jpg
IMG_9405sm.jpg IMG_9434sm.jpg IMG_9448sm.jpg
IMG_9485sm.jpg IMG_9492sm.jpg IMG_9522sm.jpg

Many thanks to everyone who attended the event, and I hope to see you all again next year.

Kim Taylor
Sei Do Kai

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