The Iaido Journal  Aug 2004
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2004 U. Guelph Haruna seminar

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The 2004 Haruna seminar was well attended with sensei from Japan and North America teaching jodo and iaido to over 100 students on 4 days. This seminar has been presented by the University of Guelph Sei Do Kai for 14 years and will be held again next May from the 19th to the 23rd. Next year Hyoho Niten Ichiryu will again be part of the seminar, along with jodo and iaido. Check later this year for details.

Our jodo sensei this year:

 Shunya Furukawa senseiShunya Furukawa sensei Furukawa Shunya (8d jodo, 7d kendo, 5d iaido)
Mitsuo Shiiya senseiMitsuo Shiiya senseiShiiya Mitsuo (8d jodo, 7d kendo, 7d iaido)

The Jodo sensei in action:

Tsuki ZueKuri tsukeThreatening the eyes

Some of our iaido sensei:

Goyo Ohmi senseiOhmi Goyo (7d iaido)

Tom Hooper senseiTom Hooper (6d iaido) "asking for it" from one of the students.

Stephen Cruise senseiStephen Cruise (6d iaido)

Iaido grading panel
The iaido grading panel, l to r David Green (iaido 5d), Stephen Cruise, Goyo Ohmi, Ken Maneker (iaido 6d), and Bill Mears (iaido 5d)

Iaido practice
David Green sensei oversees an iaido class.

Some of the crowd:

2004 Haruna iaido and jodo seminar
Furukawa, Ohmi and Shiiya talking to the crowd.

Fun and Games:

Some kendo practice
It's not all work of course, after a hard day of iai and jo some students relax with a bit of kendo practice. This is Ed Chart (facing) and Tom Hooper sensei.

The Saturday evening auction
Mario, Lauren and Doug work the crowd at the annual dinner and auction.

Touristing at the CN TowerMeeting the moose
Furukawa, Kimeda and Shiiya sensei visiting the CN Tower in Toronto. Japan meets Canada once again.

Many thanks to everyone who attended the event, and I hope to see you all again next year.

Kim Taylor
Sei Do Kai

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