Physical Training
Fitness for Combatives

Volume 2, 2001

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ISSN 1492-1685

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Exercises with Indian Clubs
Dio Lewis

Oxygen Debt Does NOT Equal Cardio Training - Dykhaniye’s Control Pause
By Scott Sonnon

Exercises with Wands
Dio Lewis

Our Food Culture is Fat
Chris Gilham

Indian Club Exercises from: Athletic Sports for Boys
Dick and Fitzgerald

Standing Like a Stake: Internal Pathway to Power
 by Michael W. Jones

Preventing & Rehabilitating Injuries--A Commonsense Guide for the Martial Artist
by Dr. Diane Mirro

Indian Clubs (From The Riverside Magazine, 1869)
by C.R. Treat

The Nuuanu YMCA and the Glory Days of Hawai’i Weightlifting
By Brian Niiya

Gymnastic Nomenclature: for Apparatus and Indian Club Movements
by the YMCA

Stretching with a Stick: a different use for an Aikido jo
by Kim Taylor

Sceptercise and the Fire of Life
by Roger Hollowell

Get on the Ball! Christine Nordhagen’s Five-Step Wrestling Strength Workout
by Kim Taylor

"Punch Up" Your Classes!
by Bill Whedon

Dick's Indian-Club Exercises 1887: An older weapon to be sure
by William Dick

Tanren Bo: How to have forearms like Popeye.
by Kim Taylor

The Counter-Jumper's Gymnasium

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When males and females take up martial arts, who gets hurt?
from Sports Injury Bulletin

Conditioning Methods of World Champion Boxer Evander Holyfield
Fredrick Hatfield   from Sportsci

Alaska Native athlete upstages tae-bo star for Guinness record
Beth Bragg    Anchorage Daily News

Fundamentals of Safety in Army Sports and Recreation PDF file


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