Physical Training Dec 2003
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The Vancouver Proclamation

 November 1, 2003

Sport is a(n)

•    Public Good
•    Fundamental Right
•    Tool for Social Change
•    Vehicle for fostering cultural harmony
•    Way of keeping kids in school longer and improving academic performance
•    Opportunity to strive for excellence
•    Developer of youth leaders
•    Developer of role models and celebrities that can positively influence youth
•    Builder of national unity and pride
•    Way of increasing self-confidence and worth
•    Contributor to optimal growth and development
•    Way of improving one’s health and extending one’s life span
•    Channel for reducing crime
•    Tool for economic development and job creation
•    Builder of tolerance and respect of difference
•    Opportunity to build awareness on issues such as HIV/AIDS

It is time for sport to be perceived as more than play and leisure activity.  It is time for sport to assist others with their agendas.  Sport can make a difference.

“In the struggle against great threats to humanity – poverty and war – we must exploit the positive mobilization power of sport to the full, and for this we need the commitment of all sectors of society.”
- Mr. Adolph Ogi, Special Advisor to the U.N. Secty-General on Sport for Development and Peace

Coaching Association of Canada / ICCE / Commonwealth Games Canada

The Vancouver Proclamation was supported by delegates in attendance at the recent Sport Leadership Conference held in Vancouver.

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Physical Training Dec 2003