Physical Training July 2002

Weight Training & The Martial Arts 
Budo Sensei & The Martial Arts

By Brian Turner

Resistance based exercises are essential to help improve muscle tone, strengthen joints and keep ligaments and tendons supple.  So what options are available to help martial artists achieve maximum power whilst at the same time ensuring that the muscles are developed in a method specific to the movements of an individualís chosen martial art?

Weight Training

This at first seems to be the only real available option, and in many instances it is true that using weights, be it free weights, machine weights or some home made concoction of equipment, will help improve muscle tone, strengthen joints and keep ligaments and tendons supple. Unfortunately the comment "I do weight training anyway", is not good enough, as the muscles are not always used in the same way, as they would be performing Martial Art techniques.

A complete resistance exercise programme is of even more benefit if it is specific to the movements performed by exponents of the Martial Arts.

As an ex-boxer I knew a few people involved in Martial Arts, and was often invited to their training sessions with a view to joining in. I was always put off by the training formats, i.e. students lined up in straight lines punching and kicking thin air. As I am more used to hitting things I saw this as a very strange practice and knew that there were real possibilities of long term joint damage from this type of training.

To help prevent future joint disorders caused by performing repetitive techniques against thin air contact training should be performed. Easier said than done. Either normal training sessions are performed in locations where there is no equipment available or the exponent is either injured or too young to perform regular contact training. All contact training usually has to take place in a fixed location that is normally indoors.

The problem of course is trying to find a piece of equipment that suits individual requirements, as everyone's style and needs are uniquely different.


budosensei product

Budo Sensei

budo sensei box

A piece of equipment that has been specifically designed to be used by Martial Artists irrespective of age, gender, ability or style that develops power by providing graduated resistance in specific techniques while also developing correct form. Techniques will be mastered quicker, be stronger and more focused, joint injuries will be minimalised and overall performance enhanced, whilst being totally adaptive to meet the needs of each individual.

Take the equipment out of the bag and attach it to any limb, fixed object, training belt or door using the special door attachment provided and you now have a very versatile and easy to use resistance training system that also doubles as a personal multigym enabling the user to exercise regardless of environment.

Example Exercises and Uses

In back stance attach bands to legs and wrists.  From this start position with front/supporting leg remaining bent, bring rear knee up in front of body pushing heel out, at the same time twisting supporting foot in opposite direction, landing back stance at the same time flick front hand towards opposite side of head then forward until partially extended, striking with side of hand. Proceed with this combination for as many as room will allow, then turn using rear leg to proceed further in other direction.

sidekick knifehand 1
sidekick knifehand 2
sidekick knifehand 3


In a neutral stance attach one end of band, with other end attached to a hand/wrist, placed to side with fist resting on hip.  From this start position push fist upwards until fist is inline with head then rotate arm away from body raising elbow.  Then return to start position.

rising block 1
rising block 2
rising block 3

Continual resistance is provided through each movement enabling the user to feel each technique making fine adjustments during exercise to correct form.

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Physical Training July 2002