Physical Training Feb 2002

Not Just Another New Year!

By Robin Motsinger

"NewYears" seems to have become the "National Day of Change" with most people standing stalwartly ready with their resolutions. Change can be a very good thing and needs to occur if we are to replace old habits with new and healthy ones. Unfortunately, this is why a lot of people do not succeed in their New Year's resolutions. These are often based on wishful thinking rather than an actual plan. Success comes from action starting with an agenda reflecting personal needs. If you are serious about making life-long changes, consider the following.

A resolution is really a goal, not just something you wish could happen or want to accomplish. Goal setting means making a real plan with short-term and long-term goals. Health and fitness is a lifestyle, and this does not happen all at once. For instance, a long-term goal may be to lean up by losing 20 pounds of body fat while gaining functional muscular strength. Short-term goals could include drinking more water daily beginning with 1 liter or eating more often through the day.

Old habits need to be changed and new ones incorporated. This takes many weeks of consistency for these habits to become "woven" into our lives. Horace Mann once wrote, "Habit is a cable. We weave a thread of it everyday, and at last we cannot break it." People tend to get excited for the first two or three weeks and then lose their motivation when they do not see quick results. Remember, this is for a lifetime. So take the time to do it the right way. After all, what is the alternative!?

Do not be afraid to get professional help. Find a Personal Trainer that is not only qualified to help you in the areas fitness and nutrition, but is also someone with whom you can communicate openly.

Finally, this should all be a positive experience. This is not a time to feel guilt or think you have to live a deprived life. You deserve to live a healthy life and do the things you want to do. Take back control of your life and health! Have a wonderful, healthy New Year with many more to come!

Robin Motsinger is a personal trainer who currently works as an independent trainer and also at the Health Experience Athletic Club in Vancouver, WA.

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Physical Training Feb 2002