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2011 Guelph Spring Seminar

photos copyright 2010 Jamie MacDonald, all rights reserved
The Guelph Spring Seminar has been held for more than 20 years now, with instructors from Japan and students from Canada, the USA and as far afield this year as Chile. The seminar presents Zen Ken Ren iaido and jodo (kendo federation seitei) as well as koryu, the old schools of iai and jo. The seminar is held each year on Victoria Day weekend and will be presented again from May 18-21, 2012. You will always find the registration information at The page usually starts to get updated in January.

Beginners are always welcome and present at the seminar, as well as students all the way up to 7dan.

Jamie MacDonald was present this year with his camera and has provided us with some photos of the event.

Click on this photo for a larger image of the iaido class receiving some instruction.

Practice under the watchful eye of one of the local 7dan instructors. Class is held in a former arena (affectionately nick-named pygmy garderns) which in an ever earlier life seems to have been an aircraft hanger.

Every inch of the former arena surface is taken up when iaido classes are in "full swing". Students are usually arranged in groups from the highest ranks at the far end to beginners.

First timers may be behind the camera here, or perhaps in another room where they'll get a great introduction to the arts.

In another gym, this one a bit smaller, the jodo students are working hard as well. In the foreground we see two students from Chile.

Your intrepid reporter with his construction beard after a  few months of winter construction.

Many thanks to Jamie MacDonald for his photos.

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