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Yeah OK so I'm shilling for myself, it's your fault really, yes you readers of EJMAS. So many of you have your ads blocked, I'm not making enough off of the google ads to pay for the server so I have to fall back on our main sponsor... and that's... oh yeah, me.

Four new videos for you to check out this month.

The first two are a set of Niten Ichiryu Tachi Seiho, VIDBBI 11a and 11b and they have been done for a while, I just noticed I haven't put them online for sale... no wonder nobody is buying them. At any rate, they outline the first set of Niten Ichiryu kenjutsu as we practice it at the Sei Do Kai. This set is long sword vs long sword and is fundamental to the study of the style.

The next video is VIDBBI 13 and is the Niten Ichiryu Nito Seiho, the two-sword set which is the third level of practice. I have yet to make the video for the second level, the kodachi seiho but I promise.

Tachi Uchi no Kurai

The final video is VIDBBI 14 and it's a new Tachi Uchi no Kurai which is now my third attempt to make an instructional video... and it won't be my last but it's at least up to date.

You'll know why it isn't the last video when you watch it, there's some extra futzing around and the very last technique is cut off during the instructional comments, but it's shown elsewhere and the whole video is quite useable so I'm putting it out there until I can get around to doing yet another attempt. That won't be for a while so don't hold your breath.

Go get them you kenjutsu-krazed budoka!


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