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Hadaka-Jime: The Core Technique for Practical Unarmed Combat

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Paperback: 99 pages This is a small book, as were almost all the WWII practical combat manuals. It is a short course, originally given to the Home Guard based on the so-called Rear Naked Choke, but this choke is performed in such a way that I can't but imagine it was intended as a neck-breaking (cervical dislocation) technique.

The author states that it is designed for emergency use, the idea being that one takes a single technique and then practices it from many different angles and attacks. The idea is to start slowly and correctly but to repeat the movements many times through several lessons.

The sections and the lessons are indeed based on solid staged or "adult learning" principles, starting simple and building from there. The first section is to learn how to apply the choke on an unresisting partner, and then to apply it as if attacking an enemy, perhaps a sentry from behind.

The next section places the enemy in front, first unarmed and then with a knife, attacking to the neck and then to the abdomen. Third, we have an enemy with a bayonet behind and then in front. It is here that Feldenkrais seems unable to avoid slipping into multiple choice mode with the responses, but he immediately apologizes and suggests that the student pick one (preferably the choke) and practice it along with maybe one other.

Finally, the book finishes off with a few other start postions which one presumes would suggest even more possibilities to the now trained student.

I'd suggest that any instructor of the martial arts might want to read this book as a good example of how to use staged learning, to teach a class or five using a single technique and showing various principles of movement in order to apply it. It is a method we used to good advantage in our Aikido classes of many years ago. The alternative was usually a single attack with multiple defences but those classes never seemed as satisfactory.

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