Physical Training Aug 2006
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Body Blueprint: Laying the Foundation for your Ultimate Physique

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Sammy Kennedy
Have you been exercising for years and still haven't reached your ultimate physique?

We often tend to jump into a workout program without first laying out a blueprint for success.  An architect would never allow contractors to throw together a building without first planning each and every step along the way.  They always know the materials and tools that are required in the construction, and most importantly, they know exactly what the building will look like when they are finished, in every intimate detail.  The same meticulous planning that the architect and builders do must go into your own blueprint for your ultimate physique.  If you don’t know what you are working towards, and set out a plan to get there, you will most likely never be successful.

The # 1 Reason For Failure Is…

The lack of clearly defined written goals.  Goals have the ability to create energy and motivation. The process of setting your Body Blueprint begins with clearly written goals.  It is what you focus on or think about that you manifest in your life, so ensure that your goals are positive and motivating.

How to Draft Your Body Blueprint

1) Set Specific Goals:  Narrow it down, right to the exact amount of pounds that you want to lose, and set an exact date that you want to accomplish it by.  How much body fat do you want to lose? What size of clothes do you want to wear? Ladies, do you want Angelina Jolie arms? Guys, do you want Brad Pitt abdominals? You can’t be general or vague about the way you want your body to look or you will never know when you have reached your goal.

2) Set Measurable Goals:  Ensure that there is some part of your goal that allows you to monitor or measure your progress. This can be with size measurements, scales for weight loss, calipers for body fat, etc.

3) Set BIG Goals:  If you set “puny” or “realistic” goals, they will not be motivating, and won’t get you off the couch and into the gym.  Your goals are meant to excite you and even sometimes scare you.  There are no unrealistic goals only unrealistic deadlines.

4) Set Realistic Deadlines.  It is only healthy to lose approximately 2 lbs. of fat/week. If weight loss is your goal don’t go crazy and expect to lose more than that or it will most likely come off in muscle tissue and water. Don’t skip this step because it can lead to disappointment and frustration, the #1 reason that so many people give up their goals.  If you are not sure whether your deadline is realistic, ask someone who knows!  Find a personal trainer or other resource to help you set your timeline.

5) Set Long-Term and Short-Term Goals:  These can be anywhere along the following time line, or create your own.

 i. *Your ultimate long term goal: What type of body do you ultimately want to have? Go beyond this year and set a big goal.
 ii. 12 month goal
 iii. *3 month goal: This timeframe is the most important.  Your ultimate goal is not likely to have any urgency.  3 months is just around the corner so you have to get moving.
 iv. Weekly goals
 v. *Daily goals: This involves things you want to improve on a daily basis.  It can include dietary, workout goals of increasing weight or intensity, or any other improvements you think you need to focus on.

6) Establish emotional reasons why you want to achieve your goals: 

“If you have a strong enough why you can achieve almost any how”
-- Nietzsche, Philosopher

What are your reasons for wanting to build a great body?  How will it make you feel? What is important to you about getting there?

Get Drafting

Now that you have the tools to begin your Body Blueprint, get started!  Take out a pen and paper and start working on it, because the minute you write your goals down on paper you are that much closer to making them happen.  It doesn’t take long and it is your key to success.  Also, keep your eyes open for more “Body Blueprint” articles in the future to help you create the body of your dreams.
Sammie Kennedy is a fitness model and personal trainer.  For more Healthy Fitness Model Tips and Advice, visit her website at

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Physical Training Aug 2006