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Makoto: Bushido Potential for Universal Culture

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Truthful Conscience MAKOTO Bushido Potential for Universal Culture of Today’s Disillusioned Man.

The age we are living in is weird. People are moving in freakish motion, running like stampeded flocks of cattle. Although they are moving, they have no aim, no direction. They are disillusioned. They only move, but care not for the direction of their movement. They are like a scared-away herd left unattended, with no inner shepherd or guide. Colossal sums are earmarked for judiciary, law enforcement, etc. to punish the wrong-doer, but to no avail. The reason is that these would-be angels have not been refined inwardly. If a small portion of that exorbitant sum would be allocated to promotion of a culture universally accepted, the people of the world would live in peace and prosperity materially and spiritually.

A comparison between an unrefined man and one who has been trained in truthful conscience, Makoto bushido, makes it clear that the culture works. Not all cultures enjoy the capacity to be universalized. Ingredients of bushido culture, however, are compatible with man’s nature. It does not mean that other cultures do not have such a capacity, yet the former is acceptable by different people.

Let us take a look at the variety of disciplines which are advancing and developing rapidly, but aimlessly. Socer players boast of their universal growth and others brag of corresponding progress, yet none have been able to produce a code of life recognized by all different tastes. They only seek medals and money. This is not the case with bushido culture, which struggles to mend man’s way.

Was man created for the purpose of being trim in dress and taking a good, nutritious meal, moving along with other groups and then dying without knowing for what man has come into existence, why man is departing and where man is going?

Let us suppose a spacecraft manufactured with the latest scientific achievements by various scientists specialized in physics, chemistry, electronic, metallurgy, engineering, mathematics, computer, etc., without anyone telling them anything about the destination or the direction it should be launched. This is exactly the story of human society in our age, having been made by a certain group who are expanding its scope. It is like an enormous idol with glaring brightness and charming sounds rising from its every component, maniacally attracting the metamorphosed people. A giant and spiritless idol put in motion by force of technology, not being fixed in a place as in the case of idols in antiquity. The modern idols are enchanting. With its every magical step a multitude of mesmerized innocent people are crushed under its feet. Whenever it stops, a number of guileless people are immolated at its feet under various pretexts. People have circled around it and grapple with each other frantically to climb up its top. In this swarm, many are choked. The cry of the weaker ones fades out amid this uproar while the magical clamor of the big idol does not allow this cry to reach the ear of others. Like its predecessors, this idol has supporters who avail themselves of the people’s swarm, confusion and approach. They only seek to load their pockets, struggling to draw the entire people of the world to follow the big idol and giving it universality. Only then those who have set this big idol in motion will selfishly exploit the people of the world. They erroneously imagine being the proprietor and master of the entire peoples of the world and their wealth.

Borrowing their sinister words, they become the gods of the entire world, while they don’t know or don’t want to know that in a twinkling of an eye the life of the solar system would come to maturity let alone the short life span of maximum several decades of man. These ignoramuses of our age that consider them to command advanced knowledge don’t know that the knowledge they are boasting of has veiled their eyes and ears in a way that they are unable to hear a rightful voice. Their eyes and ears only rove the pictures made by them, being distributed through the big idol. In contrast, there are a few people with knowledge beyond the material sciences of the day coming together to invite other learned people to follow God almighty. Their destination is God and their goal is God Whom they know to be the origin and end of light and good- the God Who is sempiternal and in Whom the good and happiness of human beings lie. These few people are those trained in kendo way that calls on all to discard discord and withhold disproving each other. Today’s man is being pushed towards a dreadful precipice. A number of ignoramuses who accept no ethics but their own carnal passions and animalistic desires take advantage of these discrepancies and employ everything to satisfy their own whims. Man of the civilized world urgently needs to be rescued from the existing vortex.

The cultured people of different countries should come together and work out a universal code for peoples of the world and help them reach the goal. The result of this cultural effort can deliver humanity from disillusionment and guide him towards the destination. The codes of honor of bushido can be incorporated into different cultures through kendo organizations. It is workable.

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Physical Training Jan 2005