Kim Taylor of the University of Guelph publishes the Electronic Journals of Martial Arts and Sciences (EJMAS). The journals are indexed in the National Library of Canada.

As of October 2000, the site had about 300,000 words of text and a couple hundred illustrations. Typically we add 30,000 words and a couple dozen graphics each month. The site has been online since December 1999, and during September 2000 it averaged 4,556 hits (339 visits) per day.

Original articles are solicited, associate editors are desired, and commercial sponsorship is available.


There is a search feature called FreeFind® located at the bottom of the EJMAS splash page. Like any search engine, the use of FreeFind® requires you to know what we called something, and to spell it exactly as we spelled it. However, if you choose your words correctly, it will bring up every reference on the site.

EJMAS also has various research guides. The most extensive belong to the Kronos site. "Online Resources," for example, takes you to a list of recommended Internet sites on a variety of topics. It is updated monthly. If interested specifically in western martial arts, also visit the links at Journal of Western Martial Arts.

The "Bibliography" at Kronos represents what Joseph Svinth has used in the preparation of Kronos, so is idiosyncratic rather than recommended reading. Nonetheless it should get most people started, and features hyperlinks to hundreds of articles and books.

Footnotes are frequently omitted, but if you have questions about sources, ask!


Kronos is an original E-text by Joseph Svinth. Structurally, it represents the author's idiosyncratic chronological history of the world's martial arts and combative sports. Based on site visits, it represents the most popular of our publications, and the period of greatest popularity is 1900 to the present.

Although assembled as seemingly unrelated factoids, there are stories and themes in Kronos, and as a result you can read it like a book,. However, probably most people will not want to sit still that long. So if you are in a hurry, then use your search feature (usually <CTRL F> on your browser). If doing this, then start with generic keywords. If interested in taekwondo, for example, start with "Korea" as that will bring up more entries of possible interest.

Kronos gets updated quarterly, so errors and omissions can be corrected fairly promptly. Future projects involve cross-referencing all entries to Encyclopaedia Britannica and comparable online sources. Once that is done, then footnotes will be posted as well. In the meantime, if you have specific questions, ask.

THE INDIVIDUAL JOURNALS (an alphabetic listing)


Most journals have an "Announcements" section in their navigation bars. This where we post links to neat sites that don't fit anywhere else.

EJMAS (Kim Taylor, editor)

"EJMAS" is where you read about the editors, get some site philosophy, and hopefully spend lots of money buying books and toys. Blatant commercial plug: we are currently able to accept credit card orders from the US only.

THE IAIDO JOURNAL (Peter Boylan, editor)

The Iaido Journal is the online version of a former print journal known as "The Iaido Newsletter," It is devoted to Japanese swordsmanship.


InYo (Yin-Yang in Japanese) is where we challenge conventional wisdom regarding the martial arts and sciences. InYo is simultaneously the most fun and the most difficult to edit; it is a world of smoke, mirrors, and the quest for Truth. "Women Who Would Not Be Sheep" has been translated into Swedish and it and the Ben Roller article have both been reprinted (with permission) on other websites.

JOURNAL OF COMBATIVE SPORT (Joseph Svinth, editor)

Journal of Combative Sport is our second most popular site. Structurally, it is devoted to sports such as judo, boxing, wrestling, sumo, karate, and the like. Much of the material here is currently related to Japanese or Japanese Americans, but this is due solely to that being what we have available for publication.

The "Great Enablers" site located on the navigation bar takes you to articles and letters by Donn Draeger, EJ Harrison, Gunji Koizumi, Trevor Leggett, Robert W. Smith, and similar giants on whose shoulders the rest of us have stood in hopes of seeing farther.

Graham Noble's karate articles are popular links on other people's websites, but the Sarah Mayer letters from Japan have drawn the most fan mail.

JOURNAL OF NON-LETHAL COMBATIVES (Joseph Svinth, editor; Neil Hawkins, associate editor)

Journal of Non-Lethal Combatives is dedicated to military, police, and self-defense combatives. The idea is that more deadly methods may be available, but for whatever reason they are not the desired option. Thus bayonets are used rather than machine guns, sticks rather than bayonets, fists rather than sticks. Much of what appears here is updated or edited versions of previously published material, but original submissions are solicited.


This is devoted to theatrical combat; as editor, Robert Dillon wants it to be academic rather than popular, thus the relatively few entries there.


Journal of Western Martial Arts is dedicated to pre-modern non-Asian combatives. Its purview is large, and were someone to write an article about the Nigerian salleh festivals, it would probably go here. Why? Well, knights on horseback are clearly medieval in concept, and being West African they clearly are not Asian.

PHYSICAL TRAINING (Kim Taylor, editor)

The title of this journal is self-explanatory. The Tommy Kono article remains one of our most popular.

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